The company has undertaken a number of marine projects including a range of projects from marine navigation beacons to slipways and marine structures.   Design, supervision and general consulting works have included slipways from 100 to 1000 tons.  Past projects have included upgrading of beacons at sea, proposed expansions to a shipyard to include a new major slipway and expansions to an existing slipway site.  A major upgrade was successfully carried out to a 200 ton slipway that included submerged concrete and associated works.  Investigation drilling was also carried out below water for a new deep water port.  Design work has also been carried out for jetties at various resorts. 



Davit Launch Platform – Navy Training Centre, Tuvalu

Walu Bay Slipway Upgrade Works – Suva, Fiji

Lalati Resort Jetty – Beqa Island, Fiji