Water and Wastewater Treatment

Water and Wastewater Treatment

NRW Specialists has  a team capable of providing both advisory and design input into water and wastewater treatment processes and assessments.  In particular, NRW Specialists has carried out numerous assessments of water and wastewater treatment plants ranging from small rural  plants to large mainstream city works.

Typical water treatment processes evaluated in the past include conventional coagulation and filtration technologies, DAF plants, Upflow Restrained Media, as well as country specific plants such  as  LOVU clarifier plants. In addition, NRW Specialists has been involved in the design of Wastewater Treatment Plants including conventional activated sludge processes through to more advanced Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Plants. 


Kinoya Wastewater Treatment plant – Suva, Fiji

Waila Water Treatment plant – Suva, Fiji

Tamavua Water Treatment Plant: Hydraulic Assessment and Pipework Design–Suva, Fiji

Design of MBR Treatment plant – Weipa, Australia

Matovo Water Treatment Plant: High Lift Pump Station – Sigatoka, Fiji

Mafraq Wastewater Treatment Plant Asset Management – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates