Network (hydraulic) Modelling

Network (Hydraulic) Modeling

Water distribution network modelling technology has rapidly evolved into an essential tool to facilitate design and optimised management of reliable water supply systems. A number of smaller schemes have traditionally been managed as ‘stand alone’ systems by on-site operator/ managers. The move toward centralized treatment, and the expansion of the networks requires a more holistic and integrated approach to Master Planning, day to day operations and maintenance planning. With linked systems, a failure with a key component in one system can impact on another system. 

Where a water supply comprises multiple sources, pumps, and reservoirs, this understanding cannot be achieved without computer analysis using network modelling.  A variety of modelling may be undertaken including steady state, dynamic hydraulic analysis, system optimisation, Master Planning, model calibration, water quality modelling as well as maintenance planning.
NRW Specialists has experienced Network Modellers who model the systems in a range of software.  Depending on Client preferences, in-house capability, budget and needs, network modelling may be carried out in the more simplistic but effective EPANET2 or more upmarket and fully featured and upmarket software such as WaterGEMS may be used.  NRW Specialists owns various software packages and is available to undertake to modelling in the package that best suits the Client requirements and desired outputs.